Mix and make yummy treats!

You and your friends will have fun making your own super tiny favorite foods with Yummy Nummies! Each Yummy Nummies kit includes everything needed for you to be a great chef in just a few easy-to-follow steps. And you’ll be proud to present your tasty creations with the tiny plates, cups and serving pieces that are included with each kit, too. These super tiny foods are so cute…and so tasty you’ll want to try them all!

All Yummy Nummies food ingredients are made in the USA and the Mini Kitchen Magic tray and other plastic components are BPA free – so you can be sure they are safe, easy & fun to make! While some of the Yummy Nummies foods require up to 15 seconds in a microwave, there is no oven baking or stovetop needed. And, the disposable trays and utensils make for fast and easy clean-up!

Mix…Make…and Enjoy Yummy Nummies Mini Kitchen Magic!

Mix Yummy Nummies packets with the required amount of water!

Follow the instructions to fill the Mini Kitchen Magic tray molds and microwave or chill your food to perfection. No oven or stove needed!

Your mini foods look and taste like the real thing!

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